Christy/Cobb provides services in the design of new plants, renovations and expansions of Water Supply, Wastewater and Water Treatment facilities. 


Derek R. Guthrie WQTC Plant

Louisville, Kentucky

This large Screening Building and Raw Wastewater Pump Station were constructed as part of a $43,000,000 consent decree project. The Raw Wastewater Pump Station is a trench type pump station housing eight pumps with a capacity of 200 mgd. The facility is approximately 90 feet by 195 feet in plan and houses extensive large equipment and numerous monorails.  The exterior walls extend up to 80 feet below grade and are subject to hydrostatic pressure from a high water table.  An extensive system of rock anchors in the base slab contribute to resistance of the significant hydrostatic uplift. The underground structure supports two above grade single story masonry buildings and steel framing for an exterior 10 ton monorail. 

Bob Sikes WWTP Expansion

Okaloosa County, Florida                                

This 700,000 gpd Waste Water Treatment Plant expansion included a Control Building, Permeate Pump Station, Blower Building, Chlorine Building, Headworks, Recycle, Influent and Effluent Pump Stations, and Chlorine Contact Basins. The project also included modification of twelve existing steel basins for use as aerobic digesters and membrane bioreactors. 

bob sikes finished.JPG

Inland Spillway Wall

Inland Spillway Wall

Inland Dam Renovation Intake and Spillway Modification

Blount County, Alabama

This project consisted of the design of intake structure and outlet works for a raw water supply reservoir and included 2½ years of onsite engineering observation during the construction phase. The intake structure is a submerged concrete tower over 150 feet in height that allows for water intake at four different levels. The innovative tower design allowed the structure to be segmentally precast using match casting techniques, eliminating the need for costly temporary structures. The outlet works included a valve vault housing two cone valves for supply line control and an outfall structure housing two jet flow gates and two cone valves for reservoir drawdown.