POSITION: Vice President, Director

Gloria serves as Vice President of Operations and Director for Christy/Cobb.  She has been with the firm more than 25 years and is responsible for managing the firm’s finances, human resources and internal office operations.  Gloria joined Christy/Cobb in 1992.  Prior to joining the firm, she worked at Angeles Corporation as an Office Manager /Project Assistant in Birmingham and received her SAHMA accreditation for management of subsidized housing.

In managing the firm's operations Gloria’s responsibilities include overseeing accounts receivable and accounts payable processes, coordination of employee timesheets with project billing, and preparation of all internal financials to include balance sheet and profit and loss statements.  She is also responsible for negotiating and maintaining corporate insurance policies, monitoring contracts, securing and maintaining professional registrations and licenses, and other administrative duties.

Human Resources – Gloria is involved in the recruitment, resume review, hiring and engagement of employees.  She is tasked with negotiating and coordinating all benefit packages offered by the firm.  She maintains personnel records, performs all payroll processing, corporate tax reports/payments and year-end tax reporting for both employees and the firm. 

As a Director, Gloria is responsible for reviewing the financial health of the company and facilitating financial decisions to promote company growth.

EDUCATION: University of Alabama, B.S. - Office Administration


  • United Way

  • Dfree Counselor for Debt-Free Living


  • Society of Design Administration (SDA), Member-At-Large

    • SDA National Membership Committee

    • SDA Certified Design Firm Administrator

  • LEED Green Associate

  • American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers