Deep Foundations 

Christy/Cobb provides services for design of deep foundations for municipal, commercial industrial projects.



Georgia International Plaza (above)

Atlanta, Georgia

Christy/Cobb designed the deep foundations and related pile caps for an elevated pedestrian walkway and access to the Georgia Dome and Hawks Arena.  The project was associated with the 1996 Olympics and had a fixed deadline.  The design was complicated by numerous underground utility obstructions.


Georgia Pacific Paper Machine No 8

Crossett, Arkansas

Christy/Cobb provided value engineering of a building substructure to enclose a new paper machine. The substructure's dimensions are 164 feet long x 116 feet wide x 20 feet deep. The redesign used interlocking secant walls and isolated drilled shafts to accelerate the construction schedule by utilizing a top-down construction.


Tombigbee River Oxygenation - Naheola & McCarty's Landing

Naheola and Chocktaw County, Alabama

This project was a design-build project of two environmental facilities designed to increase the oxygen content of the Tombigbee River. The facilities are located at the James River Paper Mill at Naheola, Alabama and at McCarty’s landing in remote Choctaw County. The mechanical and electrical components of the systems are housed in a 45 foot and a 54 foot diameter concrete secant wall pit which extends 60 feet below grade and covered with an above ground concrete wall with a structural steel roof system. Each facility has have internal process pipe supports and platforms, stair towers and 42 inch and 60 inch diameter, 360 foot long river discharge diffusers installed in the bed of the Tombigbee River. The Naheola facility is a gravity fed system whereas the McCarty’s Landing facility draws raw river water through a steel river intake by an 800 hp diesel driven centrifugal pump. 

Capitolio Plaza

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Christy/Cobb designed the deep foundations and related pile caps for a ten story condominium in Old San Juan and later designed the pile foundations for the parking facility.